Historika Prototypes

We are pleased to introduce you to our Prototype division which is dedicated to restoring and race preparing original Porsche Prototype models aswell as producing a limited production run of 904, 906 and 910 models.

Built from passion

Why Historika

Historika History

Historika have been at the forefront of historic competition Porsche activity for over 30 years and our success with 911s in racing, has encouraged us to expand our expert preparation and restoration services with Porsche Prototypes.

Porsche Prototypes

Working on our own Porsche 904 and Porsche 910 Prototype racecars has ignited our passion for these models and we look forward to introducing some customers to the superlative experience of driving these cars on track on test days and/or on events.

904, 906 and 910 Parts

The rarity and variable quality of what are purported to "genuine" Porsche prototype parts has led us to invest in the production of 100% accurate components to ensure accuracy, performance and safety of parts we fit to our own cars, as well as offering them to owners of genuine Porsche Prototypes, who actually want to use their cars in the manner for which they were conceived.

Historika 904, 906 and 910

The value of the handful of truly original cars, together with provenance issues of many others which claim to be genuine, mean that our accurate models present a viable option. Our cars are built with modern safety and performance attributes for those who crave the thrill of the prototype driving experience at a fraction of the cost.