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Although only 29 910 chassis were built by Porsche and the car was only raced by the factory for about a year, the impact this prototype had on endurance racing and it's domination of the 2 litre class was legendary.

Developing lightweight construction techniques to a new level, this model featured an advanced tube frame chassis married to a highly developed version of the flat six engine. The model's handling and outright cornering speed led to success against much more powerful opposition and in it's short career, the 1966 European hillclimb championship, 1967 Targa Florio and 1967 Nurburgring 1000 kms were all won outright by this model. The 910 with a 2 litre engine regularly beat 7 litre Ford GT40's and Ferrari prototypes and established a design language of lightweight efficiency and aerodynamic superiority that led to Porsches later domination of sportscar racing with models such as the 917.

Today the 910 is highly sought after and values have led to the majority of the remaining surviving cars being consigned to retirement in major car collections.

One must consider that these cars were not built with longevity in mind and so as the cars undertook arduous racing campaigns, maintaining originality was not a priority to keep the cars running in competition. Quite simply, chassis, bodywork and engines and gearboxes were routinely replaced as service items - and not always by the factory which in turn leads to the question of "what is an orginal car?" To this end, whilst it is not in dispute there are a handful of well documented "survivors" which are more or less completely as they left the factory when new - these cars have long since been retired as collector pieces.

The remaining 910's have varying degrees of orginality and present the owners with dilemmas on using them today in competition:

Do you run the original magnesium case engine in events today or do you run a modern similar example with new components with modern machining techniques?

Would you race a 180 mph car with it's original 55 year old lightweight tubing and suspension components...?

How much of what is left of the "original" car which left the factory in 1966 or 1967 do you preserve?

Of course the reality is that for the lucky custodians of these cars, originality has to be compromised if you are planning to race and enjoy the singularity of purpose behind the 910 design.

Our philosophy on racing these cars is quite straightforward - they can only be original in the strictest sense of the word - once. As soon you replace parts - even with factory NOS parts - which are today more or less non-existent(!) you are inevitably changing the DNA of the original car.

The values and fragility of the "survivor" 910s means that very few examples are truly active in historic racing today. The FIA have legislated for this with introduction of Appendix K which allows exact recreations of racecars which raced in period to compete in historic racing events. Many of the more popular and mass produced cars from manufacturers back catalogues fill the grids of historic events today, but the more complex and sophisticated models such as the 910 are conspicuous by their absence in 100% authentic recreation format. The reason for this is simple - they are expensive advanced pure prototype racing cars demanding highly specialised construction techniques.

Our solution after many years collecting parts for these cars and a significant investment in reverse engineering key components from original parts is the production of the Historika Porsche 910 Prototype.

We are currently producing a limited run of Historika 910 prototypes built to Appendix K specification to allow the enthusiasts today to sample the superlative 910 on track.

The cars will present a 100% authentic 910 driving and visual experience with modern safety and component manufacturing improvements.

The components we are producing have been engineered to act as accurate replacements for original 910 components, should owners of original cars want to preserve original parts.

It is unlikely if you follow historic racing, that you would be unaware of Historika's proven 911 Porsche expertise, but in summary for over 30 years we have built, restored and race prepared Porsche 911's with great success all over the world. The opening of the Historika Prototype division enables us to channel our extensive Porsche experience, engineer some of Porsche's finest models and get them out on track - where they belong!

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