We have just completed the restoration of 904-081.

This has been a long and painstaking process that began in 2019 when we purchased the original chassis and associated parts.

Once purchased we set about placing the chassis on a jig to ensure all suspension points etc were in the correct places. We had to make a few small repairs to the chassis to make it as it should be. Once the repairs had been made the fibreglass body was constructed and fixed around the chassis exactly as the cars were built in period. The body was then painted in its original colour of GT Silver metallic.

We acquired some original parts when we purchased the chassis but we also had to source many original parts to finish the car. As well as this we have had to re-manufacture many parts such as engine and gearbox parts, suspension components, oil tank and lines etc etc. Countless hours were put into research to ensure the end result was as correct as it could possibly be.

We built a correct typ 906 gearbox for the car with custom set ratios and as well as this we built a twin plug 906 typ engine on Weber 46’s.

Once finished we had the car returned to it’s 1965 Reims 12hrs livery by hand painting the bonnet and clamshell flashes, tricolore’s and as numbers and roundles.

The car has FIA papers and we will campain the car at high profile events around the globe.